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Family Law

Everyone knows that the single-most important decision you will make in your life is who to marry.  This will be the person who shares your love, your life, your home, your ups, your downs, perhaps raises children with you, etc.  It is such a key relationship to society, that the law takes an interest in protecting spouses in the event that they decide to leave the marriage before death do we part.
Cohen Law Firm offers full family law services, including drafting pre-nuptial, separation and child support and custody agreements; representing clients in uncontested divorces and annulments and, when it cant be avoided, representing clients in contested divorces and annulments. 
We provide compassionate, zealous representation.  Our attorneys will explain the law and your rights in terms you can understand. We will listen to your concerns as well as your financial and child custody goals and help you achieve those goals. 
If you arent married yet, we will draft a pre-nuptial agreement that protects your interests and which reflects your values and your goals.  After all, why let a court decide how you and your spouse should divide your assets when you have the power to make these decisions yourself  And a pre-nup has the distinct advantage of being written when both of you are optimistic and happy and not when one or both of you are so angry or disappointed that you 've lost the ability to make calm, reasoned decisions. 
If youre already married and contemplating separating or terminating the marriage, we will review your pre-nuptial agreement (if you have one), your current financial situation, and your financial and child custody goals and will devise a realistic and viable strategy to help you reach those objectives for your family.  At all times, we will advocate strenuously for you and strive to develop prenuptial and separation agreements which are acceptable to both parties.  After all, the goal is to reach agreement, and have you, not the court, decide your fate.  To achieve this lofty goal, we do our best to minimize any bickering and fighting, and to maximize the satisfaction of both our client as well as the estranged spouse.  We firmly believe that achieving at least a modicum of mutual satisfaction creates a calm and stable environment which is critical for the long term, particularly when children are involved.  Of course, were not so Pollyanna that we think this can be achieved every time but it is always our goal.

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