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Super Lawyers Distinction 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013 - Merrill Cohen



E.R, Successful E3 visa application

Merrill did an amazing job with my visa transfer. She was detailed and very professional with all aspects. Would definitely recommend her to my friends & colleagues.


SZK, Professional Athlete, Successful EB-1 Green Card Petition

I am one of Merrill’s many happy clients. Merrill obtained my green card in the EB-1 category as an Athlete of Extraordinary Ability quickly, and she made it look easy. She explained the entire process to me clearly, and was always available for questions, even after my case was approved. I have since recommended her to many other squash players, and she has obtained visas...more


C. N., Successful National Interest Waiver, EB-2 Petition

Merrill is a detailed oriented person and did a great job helping me to obtain my green card in less than a year.


L.R.L., Professional Squash Player, Successful EB1 Green Card Petition

I have engaged with Merrill's firm twice for performing my legal services regarding my visas. And in both services, she and her firm has managed to deliver impressive results. Merrill's exceptional client relationship has been a source of comfort, and knowing that she is performing to the best of her ability to achieve as much success as possible. I am very pleased with...more


PM, Architect. Successful H-1B, PERM, EB-3 Petition Shining star in her profession. Profound knowledge of the law. Compassionate and Brilliant. Wonderful human being!

Thank you so much for everything, i don't know where to begin to express my gratitude to you and the firm for this. For me, getting this green card is nothing short of a miracle. I opened your email around 10pm in the office just now, and just about fell over when i read what you wrote. One amazing thing after another, when i got home - in my mailbox was the Green Card. It arrived today with the approval notice for the i-140 and i485. The card looks amazing, its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. Words fail to describe the sheer joy i feel right now. i have been going through the internet the last few hours exploring my new found freedoms. It is a relief to know i no longer need my i-94 card, and especially my visa, that there are so many benefits to being a Green Card holder, it's amazing. Rest assured, quitting my job is back on the agenda now. I have spent my whole life trying to get here, and the last 5 years trying to stay here. This Green Card gives me the first real taste of freedom i have ever had. For the first time in my life, i have real options now - Thank you so much for that. And that the EB-1 Green Card took only 6 months, that's amazing. Again, my gratitude to you and the firm for all this. If anyone asks me about a good immigration lawyer, i'm sending them over to you for sure.




When an American Passport arrives it comes with an attached letter saying something like, now the world is yours. After more than 10 years and many ups and downs we finally received our American citizenship, and our "key" to the world, and it's mostly thanks to you!. There are many immigration lawyers in NY, and most of them are probably as much knowledgeable as you are, and are as familiar with the law. Hence, you have something that most are lacking, you have decency and dignity! You understand that you are dealing with people's lives, and that individuals and their families can get hurt if the process is based on an incorrect information or a misleading advice that a lawyer may offer to her clients. Your clients, Merrill, are priviliged to benefit from both your practical advices and your values!. We wanted to thank you from both of our hearts and to wish you the best of luck, sucssess and happiness!


G & A



I would like to thank you for your care and hard work with my green card application.  When I was first meeting with lawyers, you were kind and generous with your time, and you made me feel relaxed about the application process. I am glad that I did choose to go with you because you and Frieda really did a great job.  I will definitely recommend your law practice to friends and colleagues who are considering a green card application.


NOTE:  J.D. obtained U.S. Permanent Residence status as an EB-1 Outstanding Research Scientist just two months after we filed the case.


Just a quick note to say thanks for your email of congrats!  Truly appreciate your support as we embark on this new venture.  NONE of this would have been possible without YOUR help!  Hope you are having a great long weekend...





Thanks for everything. Special Thank you for your time and professionalism. You have demonstrated during my long legal journey for this today – Brilliant End!

God Bless you!




Merrill I'm speechless. It was fast right???? I can't thank you all enough! Thanks Merrill. I really mean it. It wasn´t easy at all. Super congrats!!!!




We want to thank you so much for your professional, dedicated and exceptional service. We so lucky to know you, although through emails, but so special and real persons behind the paperwork…Thanking you so much and we promise to be your ambassadors from now on.

Sincerely yours,



GREAT!! YAY!! I really appreciate all of your time and effort you spent for this. It was great to have worked with you, and I've been truly impressed by you. There is no doubt you're the best lawyer I have ever met or heard.

Thank you very much again, and I wish you the best of luck in all aspects including your business!



Ratings for Ms. Cohen’s Lectures to Other Lawyers on Immigration Topics

Great class and overview of P-1, O-1 and EB-1 process. Wonderful.

David, Los Angeles, CA

This was a very good and effect presentation, well worth the time I invested.

Patrick, Astoria, NY

Informative presentation

Armistead, Sedona, AZ

Interesting program, I would certainly recommend. She knows her stuff and gives a good overview of the law and practice tips, well worth the hour.

Edward, Russellville, KY

A good course for potential representatives of agents

Peter, Lock Haven, PA

Very well done!!

Mark, Houston, TX

Great job!

Daniel, Brooklyn, NY

Very informative for a subject that I knew only a little about before.

Sean, Scottsdale, AZ

Good subject primer. In addition to sound practice insights, it will make watching US-based international sporting contests more interesting for attorneys.

Ricard, Vienna, VA