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Notable Cases: EB-1

Immigrant Visa (Green Card) Cases

Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences, Athletics, Arts and Business, and Education

Over the past 20+ years, our law office has been fortunate to file many successful EB-1 petitions for top research scientists, fashion designers, musicians, models, actors, athletes and others. These individuals typically have received top honors, including Emmys for TV production, Gold and Silver Promax Awards for top promos and motion graphics, major awards from international scientific associations, national and international championships, etc.

Below are some examples of our notable successes.

Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences

Case 1

Research Scientist, Chronic Pain Management

We obtained a Green Card for this Research Scientist, who sought a J-1 visa. Upon reviewing his credentials, I determined that he would qualify under the EB-1 category for U.S. permanent residence, and he would not even require a sponsor - he could self-petition. He was shocked to learn that he could qualify, and we went on to file his green card case. He received his green card just months later.

Case 2

Cancer Research Scientists ( hundreds of scientists)

We have obtained hundreds of Green Cards for cancer research scientists in both EB-1 "Extraordinary Ability" category and EB-1 "Outstanding Research Scientist" categories.

EB-1 Extraordinary Ability scientists self-sponsor, while EB-1 Outstanding Researchers are sponsored by their employer.

Case 3

Emergency Medicine Clinical Researcher

We obtained a Green Card for this Clinical Researcher in the field of Emergency Medicine after she had been told by other immigration lawyers that she didn't qualify for the category of EB-1 Extraordinary Ability. We prove

Extraordinary Ability in Athletics

Squash Players

We have obtained Green Cards for many top-ranked squash players in both Singles and Doubles squash from Malaysia, Botswana, Columbia, South Africa, the UK, India, Ireland, and other countries around the world.

Squash Coaches

We have obtained Green Cards for top squash coaches who previously coached top-ranked national teams, and went on to coach top-ranked individual players in the U.S.

Extraordinary Ability in the Arts

Case 1

Fashion Designer, Popular Designs with an International Design House

We obtained a Green Card for this Fashion Designer on first submission, without need for additional documentation. She worked as one of the many "unnamed" and unheralded designers for a major international design house, whose brand is the name of the Designer. Despite having virtually no published material or prizes granted in the Fashion Designer's own name, the case was approved by Immigration.

Case 2

Numerous Fashion Designers for Various Retail Brands

We have obtained numerous Green Cards for Fashion Designers who work for major brands, where the brands' names are in all published material, and the individual designer - our client's --name does not appear in any published material.

Case 3

Fashion Designer, Niche Market

We obtained a Green Card for a self-petitioning 23-year-old Fashion Designer who started his own men's fashion line geared to the gay male fashion market. We documented the Designer's extraordinary success through a variety of evidence. The case was approved on first submission without need to provide additional evidence, despite the fact that the Designer was still in F-1 OPT status in the U.S.

Case 4

Graphic Artist, Multi-media

We obtained a Green Card for this graphic designer while he was still a student at M.I.T. in F-1 OPT status. We demonstrated the client's national and international success through sales of his work, and his speeches before an international audience at the U.N.

Case 5


We obtained a Green Card for this 23-year-old Stylist, who was Stylist for numerous ad spreads in major magazines for national and international brands.

Case 6

Musician - Famous Jazz Musician

We obtained a Green Card for this Jazz Musician, who is one of the top in his field in the world, with much press and gigs played in prestigious venues in New York City and around the world.

Case 6

Bass Player for Famous Pop Star

Bass Player band member of a pop star. We proved that this musician, although not the 'name' performer in the band was, nevertheless, 'one of the few individuals to reach the top of the field' through documenting her success through the years as a top bass player and key member of the band.

Case 7

Classical Music Whistler

We obtained a Green Card for this artist whose skill is whistling classical music. Immigration acknowledged that the musician had a very special skill, but requested additional documentation that 'classical music whistling' is not unique, but is in fact, part of a 'field'. We provided evidence that our client was President of a National Music Whistler's association - although the association had only 10 members nationwide. Immigration quickly approved the case.

Case 8

Colored Pencil Artist

We obtained a Green Card for this artist who works solely with colored pencils. Despite never selling a single piece of art, we proved that this artist was, indeed, at the top of her field.

Case 9

Instructor of Magicians

We obtained a Green Card for this Artist, who instructs professional magicians/close-up magicians and invented numerous magic tricks.

Case 10

Motion Graphics Artists

We obtained Green Cards for numerous Motion Graphics Artists, each of whom create innovative motion graphics for Super Bowl commercials, feature films, promos and TV networks.

Case 11

Models ( numerous)

We obtained Green Cards for numerous male and female models from around the world, who have appeared on Covers of major magazines, on billboards and in runway shows.

Case 12

Actors, Directors and Producers ( numerous)

We obtained Green Cards for numerous award-winning stage and screen actors, as well as directors and producers of feature films, shorts and promos, whose films have received great acclaim from critics, the media and great box office receipts.

Case 13


We obtained a Green Card for a Comedian who specializes in inter-racial/international humor, who has won many awards, and performed at major venues in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere.

Case 14

Social Designer

We demonstrated that this individual, who designed and re-designed major landmarks in Russia to increase social interaction and promote tourism was one of the top in this niche field.

Case 16

Chefs ( numerous)

We have filed many successful petitions for green cards for Chefs - pastry chefs, Yacht chefs, Executive Chefs, Sous Chefsā€¦in various cuisines, including Swedish.

Case 17


We demonstrated that this Journalist is one of the top in the field, as his articles have been published in top national and international publications, and that he received prestigious awards for his work.

Case 18

Software Developer/Start-Ups

We proved that this Software Developer designed novel, highly influential software that was sold for millions of dollars; that his work influenced others in the field and that he held leading and critical roles for the companies he started-up, and for the national and international companies that purchased his software - and his entire companies.

Extraordinary Ability in Business


We obtained Green Cards for several lawyers who practice in niche areas of the law, by demonstrating that they were far-more extensively published, achieved changes in the law or significant remuneration for their clients through their representation.