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A.K. 12/18/19 [Referring a friend who is in need of an Immigration lawyer]

Hi. Happy to introduce you to Merrill. J., with Merrill you get a “super-lawyer” (repeatedly named on the annual lists). She’s a great lawyer and I totally vouch for her. Please contact her – her website is, 212-499-6644.


S.W. 12/9/19 [ Regarding issuance of Green Card to foreign-born spouse 5 days after I accompanied the couple to their interview at Immigration.]

What great news! Thanks Merrill.


S.T. 12/2/19 [Referring Merrill to a colleague.]

That is not my area of expertise but I know a terrific person with Israeli experience whom you should contact. Merrill Cohen at, 212 499 6644.

She will find a solution if one can be found. Regards and Happy Holidays.


E.U. 12/2/19 [I-751 Approved]

Thank you!!!! :))))
I did receive the text from them last week but I guess I won’t believe it until I see it!:) Thanks for the good wishes and all your help!!! I’ll stop by your office next week or so.


L.M. [12/2/2019 – regarding O-1 visa petition]

You've been brilliant and I massively appreciate all the information and help. I knew N.M. would recommend someone top class! Thanks again for everything.


E.H. [12/2/2019 – regarding E-2 visa issued]

I wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for all your help. These matters, as you wellk,know often become very personal. I really appreciated your patience and stewardship through this entire process. What a rollercoaster! Finally, with my E2 in hand I can take a breather, focus on my business and plan f9or my next move.


P.K. 11/21/19 [Regarding the ability to obtain a visitor visa following a criminal conviction.]

First of all, let me thank you for the deeper insight into my situation for future trips to the US.


M.G. & A.D. 10/31/2019 [EB-1 green card granted, Opera Singer, and spouse]

Dear Merrill,
Thank you for the quality of your support, guidance and understanding over the years! You are one of a kind!


A.V. 9/18/19 [Indian national, EB-1 Petition approved, Adjustment Pending]

Good morning Merrill,

Just wanted to thank you from bottom of my heart for suggesting me to file immigration petition and adjustment of status application concurrently. I am very grateful to you.

The best thing I have ever done in my life is to trust and have faith in you with regards to green card/immigration.


Dr. T.K. [pushed, trying different tactics, until the education evaluation company gave my client the equivalence to a Master’s, rather than a Bachelor’s, Degree in Finance]

THANK YOU, you’re the master of envelope-pushing :-)


P.Z. 9/5/19

Dear Merrill,
I just wanted to thank you for your help in obtaining my F-1 visa. I have just received it in the mail today and I will be flying off to New York tomorrow. I doubt I would have had this result without your input on the supplemental letter and I am overjoyed about finally starting university!


A.M. 9/3/19

I want to thank you for helping me with my Citizenship. You have guided me and given me piece at heart every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without you. Forever grateful


M.T. & T.S. [8/26/19] [Adjustment of status in EB-2 category filed on the last day before the category retrogressed more than a year. Filed same-day, out-of-state, by finding a reliable local, same-day courier service that even local lawyers in that city couldn’t find.]

That’s great. Thanks Merrill. We both appreciate the hustle from you and your entire team on this. Have a good week.


N.L. [8/23/19]

Thank you Merrill!
You are the bestest 😊


JR [I-751 approved – client retained us after missing the filing deadline on an RFE]

Pretty fantastic news!!!!!!! Thanks again for incredible, speedy help!!!! Really appreciate it!!!


A.M. 8/19/19 [Naturalization Certificate Issued]

Hello Merrill,
I would love to thank you and your team for all the hard work you guys have done to help me to becoming a citizen of America. My Oath Ceremony was on Friday and it’s official, I am now a citizen. I am so grateful for your guidance and your help with this stressful experience and I cannot thank you enough. It’s an exciting time for me, because my family finally agreed to come visit me. They will be meeting my future in- laws and spend our first white Christmas together. I haven’t seen them in a year and a half so this is a very special moment to me.


Hi Merrill!!! This is AMAZING news!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! It was so unexpected to receive this notice that we didn’t think this meant we had been approved!

J.L. & L.F. 7/15/19 [EB-2 NIW Petition approved for a lawyer admitted to practice in New York and Brazil, no RFE.]


A.I. 7/15/19 [EB-1A Petition approved, Animation/3D Artist.]

This is simply the best news! Thank you so much for investing in my case.


K.K. 7/1/19 [EB-2 NIW petition Approved, no RFE. Ms. K. is an Advanced Degree Professional]

Hi Merrill, That's great news, thank you! We are very happy! Best regards.


A.I. 6/26/19 [P-1 Athlete, petition approved in 4 days with premium processing]

Yesss thanks so much for your help as always!


A.M. 6/25/19 [Green card issued in the EB-2 NIW category for an Advanced Degree Professional in the field of Investment Banking]

A huge and truly felt THANK YOU is due to both of you [Merrill and her former associate] for getting me there! This seems also a bit faster than their guidance from the website with just 6 months of processing.


T.H. (Green cards issued following EB-1 I-140 Approval, Branding Expert) 6/18/19

Thank you so much. Very exciting news!! And thank you for your hard work!!


S.R. (regarding PERM Certification and I-140 Approval, Computer Professional) 6/18/19

Thank You Merrill. You are the best!!


C.P. (O-1 petition approved, Squash Coach)

Great news! Really looking forward to coming over and working for the club.

Thanks Merrill and all who helped with the visa process, it is much appreciated.


J.L. (EB-2 NIW petition approved, Blockchain Technology Expert) 6/12/19

Omg thank you so much!! I came home to the mail there and the green card was there!!!!! So happy thank you, thank you, thank you!!


A.A. 6/11/19

It has been a while, you have helped me get my H1B, Green card and my brother with his fiancee's green card! You have been an essential part of the family :)


E.R. (EB-2 petition approved and green card issued in Chicago) 5/15/19

Dear Merrill :) Thank you so much for everything you did for me! You are amazing! Take care

(This note accompanied a beautiful bouquet of flowers.)


R.P. (O-1 Petition for Tennis Coach approved) 6/6/2019

Great news !! We are so happy.


C.K. & D.F (C.F. and her spouse D.F. both received their green cards based on C.F.'sr EB-2 NIW petition approval)

Please find attached photos of our Green Cards (which arrived last week while we were in Europe). It is a great relief to finally have received them! Thank you again for all of the support during this process.

I would similarly like to extend my thanks to you and your team for all your work to assist us in obtaining permanent residency.


M.M (EB-2 NIW petition approved) 5/6/19

C., please meet Merrill, the rock star immigration lawyer. I call Merrill Magical :) She does miracles and exceptional work for her clients. I believe that Merrill is the best in NYC or maybe in the entire country, but she will never admit that


E.L. (P-1 visa petition approved) 5/2/2019

That is great news!!! Thank you so much for all your help!!

I appreciate it so much!!


N.E. (PERM, I-140 and Adjustment approved, green card issued) 5/1/2019

Throughout this journey you were there to listen and help. Merrill, you are a good friend and a brilliant lawyer - thank you for everything you have done!

Know that I appreciate you a lot and everything you have done to help me. You are among the few who really know how much I needed to get off the visas and get my freedom.


J.B. (EB2-NIW Beauty Products Marketer) 5/1/2019

Fantastic news, so fast!! Good job :)


V.T. (I-140 EB-1 petition, Entrepreneurial Scholar/Researcher) 4/26/19

I hope you know how appreciative I am of what you and your assistant lawyers did for me. Without you, this outcome would not have been possible.

The officer who interviewed me [NOTE: I filed her EB-1 I-140 Petition and prepared her for her adjustment interview, but did not attend] said he was going to approve my Green Card. Yay :)

And that I was his first Alien of Extraordinary Ability case. And he was honored to handle my case. And although he had handled many other excellent artists, writers, and scientists before, I "kinda blew them all of". ;)

In the end, he said our country needs more people like you. :)


L.L. (P-1 visa petition) 5/1/2019

Thanks Merrill for all the help!! Very relieved!!


E.R. (I-140 EB-2 NIW petition approved, and adjustment of status approved, as well. The interview took place in Chicago, IL) 4/30/2019

Still replaying all the things heading to the [I-140 EB-2 NIW adjustment of status] interview and how good you are. It wouldn't happen without you. You are literally my angel! :)


D.D. (EB-1 Musician) 4/28/2019

Omg!!!! Yesssss! Thank you so much Merrill!

You're the best!


F.R. (EB2 NIW petition) 4/4/2019

First of all I would like to thank you personally and your office for all the effort that you put into this. I highly appreciate everything!

Me and my wife would like to thank you with something sweet 😊 for all the effort that you put into this petition.


C&C (EB2 NIW petition) 4/4/2019

Thank you so much for all your hard work and help with my case. we are solucky to have met you and to have you fight for us during this very stressful time. Thank you again!


K.R. (E3 Visa) 3/27/2019

It's all thanks to you and your team that I am still here, so thank you again for everything Merrill. Really thankful it all got sorted and I'm back home in NYC (until the next visa ha).

I just sent over a little thank you gift to your office for all the help with the Visa!!


P.S. (I-751 conditions to green card removed, 10-year green card issued) 1/22/19

WOW! This is amazing news. Thanks for your help and patience.


C.P. (Green card granted through marriage to US citizen) 1/11/2019

You deserve a full garden (of flowers) being delivered to you every day from all of us (your clients) who you helped to fulfill our American Dreams. THANK YOU!!!!


V.W. (Naturalization granted) 1/9/19

Congratulations for your wonderful work, Merrill.


R.S. (O-1 chef) 12/27/18

Holy shi*! Thank you Santa Merrill ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks so much. Feels so good.


S.K. (approval of I-485, following Approval of I-140 EB2-NIW case) 12/26/18


Thank you very much!


C.N. & C.G. 12/24/18

Thank you so much for helping us through a very tumultuous and difficult 2018 - we can't believe we are where we are currently-- and we sincerely hope that you know that we appreciate your kind efforts and we feel lucky and privileged to have met!


M.R. & D.R., EB-1 Fashion Stylist 12/21/18

You are the person that changed our life and we will be forever grateful.


J.J. 12/17/18

I want to introduce you to Merrill Cohen who I told you about.

Merrill is one of the best immigration lawyers in the country if not the world and she's helped me with a number of projects always successfully.


L.L. 12/11/18

Dear Merrill,

I wanted to introduce you to M.M. (cc’d) who is looking for an immigration attorney. I can’t recommend you enough!


R.S. (EB-1 Graphic Artist) 12/10/2018

Woo hoo! That's great news, thank you!


H.E. 12/10/2018 (EB-2 NIW case, green cards issued)

That’s Amazing.

Thank you Merrill!


A.S. (EB-2 NIW, Economic Analyst, Renewable Energy) 10/29/18


Good news!! I got my final approval today in the main. The Notice "welcomes me to the United States" and it says the GC will be delivered in a couple of weeks. I think this is it, right? Thank you so much again for all the help/support throughout this process. You were always easy to reach out to, and I appreciate the great work you've done on this case.


A.M., Fashion Designer (O-1 10/15/18)

Thank you, Merrill!!


V.T. – Entrepreneurial Professor EB-2 NIW 10/16/18

Woo Hoo .... Thank you again a million for the great news and all your support along the way!


M.D. O-1 Squash Coach AND A.S. – Squash Club Petitioner 10/5/18

Yes!!! Thanks so much this means a lot

Perfect. Thank you so much for your help!


Y.B. (EB-1 green card, Belt Designer) 10/4/18

You are the best!!


S.Y. (O-1 Squash coach) and L.K.(O1 Squash Club Director) 10/4/18

Fantastic news, and thank you for all the effort that has gone into it from your end. I am thrilled! Thank you!!!


V.M. (O-1 squash coach) 10/4/2018

Thank you again for getting my O-1 visa approved soo quickly!


E.R. (EB-2 NIW Senior Procurement Manager of specialty chemicals and equipment from overseas) 10/3/18

I just received I-797 Approval notice for my I-140 !

Very awesome !!!! :) You must be the best lawyer ever!


S.S. (O-1 Approval for a Squash Coach) 10/2/18

That is great!! Thanks, Merrill!


L.K. (O-1 Actor) 9/26/18

Hi Merrill!

AMAZING! Thank you SO much, I’m so excited!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work on the case! I’m so happy I don’t know what to do with myself!


S.S. (P-1 visa for a recently-internationally-ranked player) 9/18

This is amazing!!! I am so psyched. Can’t believe it. Thank you for making this happen!


S.M. (O-1B Documentary Film Editor) 9/18

OMG that is fantastic!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work, it has been quite the process!!


A.L. & P.M. (H-1B, J-1 Waiver, Green Card, Naturalization) 8/10/18

Thank you for everything, Merrill. It was a very long journey and we couldn’t have gone through it all without you. We appreciate you greatly and we wish you the very vest, always.


J.B. (EB-1 NIW for a Beauty Products Marketer) 8/23/18

Hello Merrill,

OMG I’ve been crying for the past 30mins - thank you and team so much for your work and believing in my case. It means so much.


Thank YOU so much again I truly have no words...

Thank you a million times from my entire family also.



C.B. (E-3 visa) 8/1/2018


I want to express my gratitude to you, your firm, with a particular special mention to Natalie for her exceptional work in supporting my visa application, leading to a successful E3 application.

Working with Natalie was such a pleasure. She was consistently professional, responsive, and amid at times no doubt my unreasonable anxiety and questions, supportive and competent.

As you have seen, I have referred another client and have others to refer to. I would be happy to give you a testimonial to publish - just tell me what will be useful (I will also write a Google online review).

I also wanted to let you know the specific reason I went with your firm. Searching Google from Australia there are so many attorneys, and it's difficult to tell who is good. I had some personal recommendations from people though they hadn't dealt with E3. Your website is relatively unremarkable in differentiation. In our first conversation, you mentioned the possibility of applying straight to green card with my skill set, and your command of law was obvious. You were the only lawyer of the ones I interviewed who suggested the green card application, which made me think of your broader consideration of immigration law for the client. Combined with your warm demeanor, your knowledge, and experience felt superior to the others. And I am so glad I went with your firm.

Many thanks and best wishes.


E.M. (O-1, filmmaker) 8/2/2018

I have my visa in my hands!

Thanks so much for all your help. I was looking at the application at the Consulate. Wow, that was a lot of work and it looked great.

Thanks so much!


M.H. 7/31/18

Hello Mrs. Merrill,

Hope you’re doing great. Just wanted to thank you for all your effort. The process was very smooth from the day I called until I got my approval. I went back home and stamped my passport with the new H1B with no issues. You’ll definitely be hearing back from me later this year to file for green card.

Thanks again.


A.E. (EB-1 green card, management consultant, pharmaceutical industry) 7/10/2018

Hi Merrill and team,

As I am still processing the great news of my EB1 case approval, I wanted to personally thank you for the exceptional job and your support. I am really grateful for your counsel and help during this case. I could not have asked for a better counsel!

As I am sure you know, this is a very significant step for me and I don't think I would have been able to achieve it without your support!

Thank you for building such a strong case, compiling compelling evidence, pushing me to showcase my profile, writing an excellent argument and also supporting emotionally 😊throughout the case/RFE.

I truly value your support and counsel and I am very grateful for your work on the case.

Thank you!


E.R, Successful E3 visa application

Merrill did an amazing job with my visa transfer. She was detailed and very professional with all aspects. Would definitely recommend her to my friends & colleagues.


SZK, Professional Athlete, Successful EB-1 Green Card Petition

I am one of Merrill’s many happy clients. Merrill obtained my green card in the EB-1 category as an Athlete of Extraordinary Ability quickly, and she made it look easy. She explained the entire process to me clearly, and was always available for questions, even after my case was approved. I have since recommended her to many other squash players, and she has obtained visas...more


C. N., Successful National Interest Waiver, EB-2 Petition

Merrill is a detailed oriented person and did a great job helping me to obtain my green card in less than a year.


L.R.L., Professional Squash Player, Successful EB1 Green Card Petition

I have engaged with Merrill's firm twice for performing my legal services regarding my visas. And in both services, she and her firm has managed to deliver impressive results. Merrill's exceptional client relationship has been a source of comfort, and knowing that she is performing to the best of her ability to achieve as much success as possible. I am very pleased with...more


PM, Architect. Successful H-1B, PERM, EB-3 Petition Shining star in her profession. Profound knowledge of the law. Compassionate and Brilliant. Wonderful human being!

Thank you so much for everything, i don't know where to begin to express my gratitude to you and the firm for this. For me, getting this green card is nothing short of a miracle. I opened your email around 10pm in the office just now, and just about fell over when i read what you wrote. One amazing thing after another, when i got home - in my mailbox was the Green Card. It arrived today with the approval notice for the i-140 and i485. The card looks amazing, its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. Words fail to describe the sheer joy i feel right now. i have been going through the internet the last few hours exploring my new found freedoms. It is a relief to know i no longer need my i-94 card, and especially my visa, that there are so many benefits to being a Green Card holder, it's amazing. Rest assured, quitting my job is back on the agenda now. I have spent my whole life trying to get here, and the last 5 years trying to stay here. This Green Card gives me the first real taste of freedom i have ever had. For the first time in my life, i have real options now - Thank you so much for that. And that the EB-1 Green Card took only 6 months, that's amazing. Again, my gratitude to you and the firm for all this. If anyone asks me about a good immigration lawyer, i'm sending them over to you for sure.




When an American Passport arrives it comes with an attached letter saying something like, now the world is yours. After more than 10 years and many ups and downs we finally received our American citizenship, and our "key" to the world, and it's mostly thanks to you!. There are many immigration lawyers in NY, and most of them are probably as much knowledgeable as you are, and are as familiar with the law. Hence, you have something that most are lacking, you have decency and dignity! You understand that you are dealing with people's lives, and that individuals and their families can get hurt if the process is based on an incorrect information or a misleading advice that a lawyer may offer to her clients. Your clients, Merrill, are priviliged to benefit from both your practical advices and your values!. We wanted to thank you from both of our hearts and to wish you the best of luck, sucssess and happiness!


G & A



I would like to thank you for your care and hard work with my green card application.  When I was first meeting with lawyers, you were kind and generous with your time, and you made me feel relaxed about the application process. I am glad that I did choose to go with you because you and Frieda really did a great job.  I will definitely recommend your law practice to friends and colleagues who are considering a green card application.


NOTE:  J.D. obtained U.S. Permanent Residence status as an EB-1 Outstanding Research Scientist just two months after we filed the case.


Just a quick note to say thanks for your email of congrats!  Truly appreciate your support as we embark on this new venture.  NONE of this would have been possible without YOUR help!  Hope you are having a great long weekend...





Thanks for everything. Special Thank you for your time and professionalism. You have demonstrated during my long legal journey for this today – Brilliant End!

God Bless you!




Merrill I'm speechless. It was fast right???? I can't thank you all enough! Thanks Merrill. I really mean it. It wasn´t easy at all. Super congrats!!!!




We want to thank you so much for your professional, dedicated and exceptional service. We so lucky to know you, although through emails, but so special and real persons behind the paperwork…Thanking you so much and we promise to be your ambassadors from now on.

Sincerely yours,



GREAT!! YAY!! I really appreciate all of your time and effort you spent for this. It was great to have worked with you, and I've been truly impressed by you. There is no doubt you're the best lawyer I have ever met or heard.

Thank you very much again, and I wish you the best of luck in all aspects including your business!



Ratings for Ms. Cohen’s Lectures to Other Lawyers on Immigration Topics

Great class and overview of P-1, O-1 and EB-1 process. Wonderful.

David, Los Angeles, CA

This was a very good and effect presentation, well worth the time I invested.

Patrick, Astoria, NY

Informative presentation

Armistead, Sedona, AZ

Interesting program, I would certainly recommend. She knows her stuff and gives a good overview of the law and practice tips, well worth the hour.

Edward, Russellville, KY

A good course for potential representatives of agents

Peter, Lock Haven, PA

Very well done!!

Mark, Houston, TX

Great job!

Daniel, Brooklyn, NY

Very informative for a subject that I knew only a little about before.

Sean, Scottsdale, AZ

Good subject primer. In addition to sound practice insights, it will make watching US-based international sporting contests more interesting for attorneys.

Ricard, Vienna, VA