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TN Visas : NAFTA Professionals

NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement. It is special trade agreement between Canada, United States and Mexico. The NAFTA Professional (also known as the TN Visa, TN1 Visa, TN Status) allows  Canadian and Mexican citizens to work in the United States. They must be working in a jobs classified as professionals or as a NAFTA Professional.



NAFTA Visa Requirements for NAFTA Professionals to work in the U.S.


Requirements for Canadian Citizens

As a NAFTA professional Canadian citizens do not need a visa. This is why the term 'TN Status' is sometimes used instead of TN Visa. Spouses and children who are not Canadian citizens will require a visa when obtaining the TD Visa (dependency visa) under the NAFTA Professional.


A Canadian citizen can apply for the TN NAFTA Visa (or TN Status) at a U.S. Port of Entry with the following:



Requirements for Mexican Citizens

As of January 01, 2004 the procedures were simplified for Mexicans by removing the requirement for petition approval and for filing of a labor condition application. Mexicans no longer are subject to numerical limits for the TN NAFTA Visa professions. Mexicans still require a visa to request admission to the United States.


Mexican citizens may apply at consular sections around the world for TN NAFTA professional - TN Visa. Part of the visa application process requires an interview at the embassy consular section for most TN NAFTA Visa applicants. TN NAFTA Visa applicants should call and schedule the interviews in advance. The wait times for an interview can be several weeks. Plan accordingly.


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